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Advance Mobile Phlebotomy Professionals provides quality, affordable, and worry-free phlebotomy services for all. By providing the services to the individual in their own environment, we reduce the anxiety and stress associated with traveling miles away to a laboratory. Stay where you are and book your appointment, upload your documents, and then leave the rest to AMPP.

We’re experienced in pediatrics, adult, adolescents, special needs, and geriatric patients. We’re a multifaceted lab collection company with experience in collecting urine, blood, swabbing, hair, and nails. We have strong organizational skills and detail-oriented for accuracy in specimen processing and delivery of specimens to a preferred laboratory. We make life easy, whether you’re at work, at home or you don’t like long wait times. Let us come to you.

Our Mobile Services


Mobile phlebotomy has become increasingly popular as an alternate method for collecting blood samples. A mobile phlebotomist brings all of the necessary tools and supplies needed to draw blood, such as needles, tourniquets, antiseptic wipes, and vials, directly to the client’s home or place of work.

At Advance Mobile Phlebotomy Professionals, our certified phlebotomists can come to your location to collect blood for laboratory testing through venipuncture or capillary. We specialize in pediatric blood collections, BMP, CBC, IRON profile, paternity, and genetic testing.


Drug testing is an essential aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, ensuring the well-being of employees, and complying with legal requirements. You can be tested at home or at your place of business with mobile phlebotomy services.

Specialty kit blood draws are often used in medical settings, research labs, and clinical trials where specific tests or analyses are required. They help to ensure accurate and reliable test results, reduce the risk of contamination, and simplify the process of sample collection and handling.

Blood data testing is an essential tool in modern medicine, allowing healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses and provide appropriate treatment. The results of blood tests can be used to guide patient care, monitor disease progression, and improve overall health outcomes.

Clinical research collection plays a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes. Blood samples can be used to identify biomarkers associated with disease, evaluate treatment efficacy, and monitor patient response to therapy.

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